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My name is Kent, I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ & celebrating recovery over drug & alcohol addiction. I’m married to my lovely wife Jennie & have a career in the real estate industry.  I was born in Chicago, moved & grew up in North Dakota graduating high school there. I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I still live, when I was 18 & attempted a college education for many years. Finally, due to my drug & alcohol fueled lifestyle, I forgot about finishing my degree & began working with my father doing carpentry work, then cabinetry. In March of 1983 I was intervened by my family & spent a month in a treatment center, I surrendered to Christ’s Lordship & have been able to stay clean & sober, one day at a time since April 16th, 1983.

I’m a firm believer in recovery using an ongoing recovery program, I worked the AA program for years then in 2005, after I’d become a single dad to my 3 children in 2002, I began attending a new church where they had CR & I “jumped in the deep end”‘. I had never been involved in any ministry in a lifetime of being a Christian & “going to church”, but with CR I became a leader on the TEAM & have become a faithful servant of Christ’s calling into the CR Inside ministry where I now serve.

Celebrate Recovery is the best Christian “how-to” program in history, I think we are involved in a revival with how profoundly a persons life is transformed when they become part of our “‘forever family”! CR groups inside of a prison or jail are exactly like those out in the community, the only difference is the building they meet in. My goal is to get CR groups started in all of Oregon’s prisons & jails, & to create an effective bridge to the community CR for our participants. Our job isn’t finished until we introduce the transitioning former inmate to the accountability & fellowship found in a community CR group. I’m dedicated to improving the CR Inside ministry on a national level by working together as a team with the CR state-reps, community CR leaders & all our CRI leadership team. Recovery through Jesus Christ is life worth living & I’ve never had a better time, today is the “someday” I was always searching for!