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Danny Duchene talks about the impact that CR Volunteers can have on those on the inside.


Join an Active Team

There are groups all over the nation who are actively taking CR Inside to the prisons and jails in their areas. Any Team would welcome another member with open arms. If there is not an active CR Inside Ministry in your area maybe that is God’s way of calling you in to start one in your home CR. Check with your CR Inside State Rep to find an active Team in your area or to ask about starting one.

What volunteers have to say about their experience working with CR Inside

Start a CR Inside Team

If there are no active CR Inside Teams in your area, then please prayerfully consider starting one at your Home CR. If God is calling you to this Ministry, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding what it takes to launch a CR Inside in your area. There is an abundance of need for volunteers to take the hope, healing, and freedom of Celebrate Recovery to our brothers & sisters incarcerated throughout the world. Check with your CR Inside State Rep to find an active Team in your area or to ask about starting one.

Sponsor Team Materials

Teams need help with providing materials to those on the Inside such as Step Study guides, CR Bibles, chips, and all of the normal supplies that an active CR requires. Many times there is not enough budget in their CR Ministries to fully support the needs of the CR Inside Team. Teams provide the materials for the ongoing group support of Step Studies and Life’s Healing Choices that are active. Some Teams also provide CR Bibles and/or CR Journals upon completion to inspire participants to continue their journey of recovery. Check with your CR Inside State Rep to find out needs for Teams in your area.

Be a Prayer Warrior

There are always prayers needed for those who serve in the CR Inside Ministry as well as those we serve. Prayer is one of the most effective tools we have in keeping God at the center of the CR Inside Ministry. Our brothers and sisters on the inside have needs of prayer. Please see our Prayer Request page to find out the current prayer needs and to adopt a specific prayer request to pray over. We should never miss an opportunity to lift our incarcerated brother and sisters up in prayer.

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