On the Prisoner's "Hard Man" facade…

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    David Gerhart

    On a personal note… Appreciated this short piece, authored by a learned person from the UK.

    “As I watched the flow of men into the education department, I was immediately struck by the swagger on display. They marched down the corridor with over-developed muscles, projecting authority and machismo, hollering to their friends and acquaintances, displaying a front of the ‘hard man’ as they headed to their classrooms. However, when they entered, their demeanours changed dramatically.”

    Aeon Article: How the “Hard Man” mask affects a prisoner’s sense of self.

    This piece resonates for me relative to how Jesus actually changes us from the inside-out. For instance, I know that when the guys I meet with stop posturing, stop talking wastefully, something really important has begun.

    Blessed to serve “Inside the Gate.”

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