What's the difference between Groups and Forums?

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      David Gerhart

      Thanks for asking the obvious question – “What’s the difference between Groups and Forums?”

      There are as many ways to implement Groups and Forums as there are website designers. Groups and Forums are generally about access and content.

      Nominally – here is how the two relate:

      Groups are exclusive lists of users. If you aren’t in the group as a member – the Group content is hidden from you. Groups enable access to information.

      Forums can be either Public or Private. Group membership provides access to private Forums.

      Each Group may have as many Private Forums as it requires. Or none. Groups can use Group features to communicate via Group messages.

      The site design is such that we’ve anticipated a few kinds of groups. Some by geography and some that cut across regional boundaries.

      Sponsors & Stakeholders
      Those who work on the website itself
      Group and Forum Moderators
      Regional Groups
      Event Planning Groups

      Group member managment leverages a range of roles and those roles have authority to do certain things. Member and Moderator are examples.

      Forums also have roles that can be assigned to any Group Member that “owns” a particular Forum. Such as Moderator, Participant, Spectator…

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