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      Tricia Farley

      I am doing what I do best, research. I came across the following and thought I would like to share. I see this as an opportunity. Has anyone reached out to this organization with the data and message regarding CRI? The excerpt is directly from the ACA website…

      In 1870, leaders in American and international corrections, met in Cincinnati, Ohio and developed principles stating the beliefs and values underlying the practice of their profession. As a result of this meeting, the National Prison Association was founded, an organization that has subsequently evolved into the American Correctional Association, representing all facets of corrections. The foresight of these leaders’ thinking over a century and a half ago is evident in this brief excerpt from the series of propositions that formed the basis for the Declaration of Principles adopted by the 1870 Congress:

      “The treatment of criminals by society is for the protection of society. But since such treatment is directed to the criminal rather than the crime, its great object should be his moral regeneration. The state has not discharged its whole duty to the criminal when it has punished him, nor even when it has reformed him… Having lifted him up, it has further duty to aid in holding him up. In vain shall we have given the convict an improved mind and heart, in vain shall we have imparted to him the capacity for industrial labor and the desire to advance himself by worthy means, if, on his discharge, he finds the world in arms against him, with none to trust him, none to meet him kindly, none to give him the opportunity of earning honest bread1.”

      Although this language may be antiquated, the message is contemporary. The role of corrections is to enhance public safety by assisting in the prevention and reduction of delinquency and crime. Ultimately, the prevention of criminal and delinquent behavior depends on the individual as well as constructive elements in our communities: family, education, faith, health and government.

      As members of the American Correctional Association, we continue in the spirit of our founders by ensuring that these principles continue to guide sound corrections practices, make our philosophy and aims clear, and inspire cooperation and support from leaders of local, state, national and international communities and organizations.

      I would love to hear your thoughts. After reading this information- do you have a different perspective? What stood out? What is your biggest ‘take away?’ Does it give us a larger view of the iceberg? We only see the tip when we walk through the doors of our respective facility. For me, that is Laramie County Detention Center in Cheyenne WY. I find the officers I interact with friendly and professional. Relaxed and competent.

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