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      There are a range of reasons we don’t do raw input from lists. For instance Lists have contained stale info and errors that wound up taking a lot of unneeded effort to resolve. So…

      Something we agree on, which is basically: We want the info for your area to be complete and correct with no dupes. Therefore, there are a couple of important steps that you and your Regional Lead to “own.” Ultimately, its the Lead’s region – this is their area of responsibility.

      Meeting Add/Update tools.

      Registered Members at CRInsideOutHope can make changes to existing meetings directly. All I do is approve the alterations, only making edits if needed.

      Registered members use this process:

      1,) Is the meeting already listed? Find out by searching for your state abbrv. for instance, or the facility name. Here:


      If the meeting is listed, ​open it, then ​use the ​change ​link in the listing to record any ​mods you ​need to make. ​See the image below.

      2.) Not listed? Fill out the form for a “new” meeting.

      Add/Update Meeting Information

      If you’re not a registered member, your Regional Lead or State Rep can invite you.

      Thanks in advance for using the process!

      Meeting Change Button

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      David Gerhart

      Advice: Call the numbers, make sure they’re working and you can at least leave voicemails. Email the addresses, make sure they don’t bounce.

      Then follow the process – look to see the meetings are already listed first.

      FYI – it’s just a few people working behind the curtain. I wish we had more admins, but really — in the future — the tools we’ve built are for you-all to use. Admin’s don’t have the bandwidth to do the data entry, and chase the loose ends. We make policies and try to help people understand how to use site tools and the services.

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