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You are welcome to share CRI news with Those who write pieces that have community wide bearing will have their stories included in the public Blog on this site and possibly elsewhere as deemed appropriate by CRI leadership.

One way to share info unique to your region is through the Groups that you belong to. News interesting to the North East Region may not be useful in the South West, for instance. Another is to post items of interest and announcements to one of the Forums. Please review the info at this link:

If you write an article that you feel should be submitted for publication to InsidOutHope.Org Social Media and to the News Letter, please send your story and at least 3 photos by email to:

Our conventions for prose are 150 to 550 words. You can add links to outside sites and pages, if you wish. Photos with descriptions of who and what is in the image is very important.

By submitting your news and articles to InsideOutHope.Org, we presume you’re granting us copyrights sufficient to publish and circulate your work.

By submitting you writing for use at you agree to our editorial controls. These may include english language usage modifications, removal of personally identifiable information (disclosing too much info is a security risk) the addition of titles, the correction of spelling errors … etc.

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