Read these instructions first. is working diligently to list “CR Inside” gatherings that meet basic qualifications.

These are meetings held inside City, State and Federal detention centers, who’s ML’s are under the supervision of a State Rep who is reporting to, and working with a Regional Rep.

We do not list ministries that operate either outside the gate (in the community) or are run by “independents.” These are not CRI by definition. Examples would be: Meetings held at treatment centers where inmates might be among attendees or meetings that are not affiliated with CRI Leadership. Nor do we list meetings at Reentry Support Centers, Community Transition Centers — were “badged” DOC volunteers are not required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Providing Primary and Secondary Contact information is crucial for future efforts to periodically validate and update the information in this list. PLEASE PROVIDE BOTH. (Institutional Chaplains are NOT CRI contacts.)

Thanks for reading! And thanks for helping us build the best and most accurate list of meetings possible!

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