Winnebago County Jail – Spiritual Impact Weekend

Update from Winnebago County Jail – Spiritual Impact Weekend.

Last weekend – March 14 – March 17, we participated in the 9th Spiritual Impact weekend inside the Winnebago County Justice Center. This particular weekend, there were many breakthroughs and the most amazing was how the Holy Spirit moved in the men to allow healing to happen. The men were moved by the stories shared and then during their forgiveness time and Prayer of Praise on Friday evening, they started to ask for forgiveness for the issues they have cause in their families, their homes, their neighborhoods and their city! The only way this happens is when God gets a hold on a man’s heart and transforms it into a useable vessel.

Each weekend is different and the theme seems to vary, depending on the men attending (34 men) and the volunteers (20) who share their stories and experiences.

If you are interested in how to start this in your local county jail facilities, please contact us through the website.

John Brennan

CR Inside Regional Team Lead
IL – IN – IA – MI – MN – NE – ND – SD – WI