CR Inside by Scott Halsey, CRI Rep Kentucky

Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Kentucky.

I wanted to share some pictures with you and the blessings that comes with them.

First, I want to share with you what I do for a living: I serve as a pastoral counselor/chaplain at a local drug counseling center called Odyssey. They are a nonprofit division of Addiction Recovery Care.

They have the largest number of rehabs in the state of KY. The rehabs are all Christ-centered rehabs. I actually wear two hats when I go into our local jail.

First, and foremost, we meet from 8-10 on Thursdays with the SAP participants for Celebrate Recovery Inside (CRI). When an inmate is discharged,

I am notified so I can offer them outpatient/inpatient recovery. As you know, not using does not mean you have been rehabilitated.

These inmates then bridge into our local Celebrate Recovery program on Friday nights, We also have ladies that go in but pictures of them are not available.

The pictures are captioned to let you know what is going on.

Blessings my friend!

Our group is listening to an outside testimony during our CRI meeting.
Some of the fellows posing with my co-leaders of CRI
SAP graduation. I was the guest speaker and at the end of giving my testimony, I did an altar call. Five men gave their life to the Lord that day. God is good!
Three of my sponsees shared a little about themselves and shadowed our CRI meeting. They are close to be finishing a step-study and they plan on ministering in another facility as CRI leaders, God willing of course.
A member of Celebrate Recovery Inside that served six years in Afghanistan and Iraq. He struggles with addiction and PTSD.He was blown up by an IED. After talking with my administrators at ARC, he was sponsored for rehabilitation at one of our centers. He had insurance but he wanted Christ-centered recovery at one of our centers.
A CRI participant that was released into my custody to transport him to a Belle Grove Springs, one of our inpatient rehab centers. He currently attends CR every Friday night.

Scotty Halsey, B.S. Pastoral Counselor Odyssey Counseling Center 105 Brandon Way Mt. Sterling, KY 40353 Celebrate Recovery Inside (CRI) Prison and Jail Ministry Kentucky State Representative 859-339-2712